Innovation and Partnership – Groupe Grenier & Heritage Payment

In a world where technology is constantly redefining customer experiences, Heritage Payment is proud to partner with Groupe Grenier, a benchmark in the automotive dealership sector. This collaboration illustrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge payment solutions, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of merchant services and customer transactions.

A Prestigious Collaboration

We are extremely proud to welcome and support the renowned dealership group by providing our payment solutions. This strategic partnership between Heritage Payment and Groupe Grenier was born from the desire to provide an exceptional user experience, integrating payment solutions that meet the modern requirements of speed, security, and reliability.

Groupe Grenier’s Rigorous Selection of Heritage Payment

The choice of Heritage Payment by Groupe Grenier was not made lightly. Thanks to the major savings achieved through our solutions, we have established ourselves as the preferred partner for payment solutions. Heritage Payment stands out for its ability to offer adapted merchant services, incorporating both advanced point-of-sale terminals and seamless payment system integration.

Innovation at the Heart of the Partnership: Interac Machines and Clover

The most tangible aspect of this collaboration lies in the implementation of our Interac machines and Clover systems within the 9 dealerships of Groupe Grenier. These point-of-sale terminals are not just simple devices; they represent the cutting edge of payment technology, offering an enriched user experience and flawless transaction management.

The Interac Clover machines are at the heart of our value proposition, allowing for smooth and secure interaction for every transaction. Whether it’s for the purchase of a vehicle or for payment of services, our solutions offer maximum efficiency and security.

Key Advantages of Our Payment Solution

  • Complete Payment Solution: Our offering includes an integrated payment solution, designed to simplify and secure every transaction.
  • Innovative Point-of-Sale Terminals: Clover terminals are known for their reliability, ease of use, and ability to integrate seamlessly into any sales environment.
  • Quality Merchant Service: We provide personalized support for each dealership, ensuring optimization of payment flows and increased customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Heritage Payment and Groupe Grenier opens new perspectives for the future of transactions in the automotive sector. We are excited about continuing to innovate and develop solutions that will define the future of payment solutions and merchant services.

Inviting all Groupe Grenier customers to experience the difference our Clover terminals and Interac machines can bring, we are committed to revolutionizing the buying and selling experience within the automotive industry.

Stay connected to discover how our partnership will continue to evolve, bringing increasingly advanced payment solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

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