Discover the Samsung Kiosk powered by Clover

Reinvent the customer experience with an innovative, intuitive and versatile kiosk.

Transform the way your customers interact with your restaurant with our state-of-the-art Samsung kiosk, integrated with Clover Flex software. Designed to improve every aspect of your service, this kiosk takes your management to the next level.

Enjoy technology that combines elegance and functionality, allowing your customers to browse the menu, place orders and pay with ease. With its 24″ touch screen and integrated receipt printer, this all-in-one system is ideal for restaurants looking for efficiency and modernity.

All-in-one design with 24-inch screen

Notre kiosque tout-en-un intègre un écran lumineux de 24 pouces, offrant une interface utilisateur intuitive pour vos clients.

Fast, efficient printing

Équipé d’une imprimante de reçus de 3 pouces compatible avec le papier thermique Clover, il garantit des transactions fluides et rapides.

Integrated barcode scanner

Préparez-vous pour l’avenir avec notre scanner de codes-barres intégré, parfait pour une expérience client améliorée.

Perfect integration with Clover Flex 3

Optimized for payments with Clover Flex 3, our kiosk ensures seamless integration for all transactions.

Customization and Synchronization

Customize what customers see and synchronize item images from Clover or via the application portal.

Boost your staff's productivity

This kiosk increases staff efficiency, reducing personnel costs and helping in times of labor shortage.

Innovative, Efficient, Indispensable

The Samsung kiosk with Clover Flex is more than just a tool; it’s a revolution in restaurant management. Simplify your operations, improve the customer experience and boost your profits today!

Cutting-edge technology for an unforgettable customer experience
  • The Samsung kiosk, equipped with Clover Flex, redefines self-service ordering. Its intuitive touchscreen invites your customers to explore and order with unrivalled ease.
  • This elegant, high-performance device doesn’t just speed up orders; it enriches your customers’ experience, keeping them coming back for more.
Simplicity and Performance at the Heart of Your Restaurant

Discover the perfect fusion of technology and user-friendliness with our Samsung kiosk. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any foodservice environment, it combines a simple user interface with high processing power. The result? A smooth ordering experience that delights customers and frees up your staff for other important tasks.

Adaptability and intelligence for your business

Our Samsung kiosk with Clover Flex adapts to all your restaurant’s needs. Whether you need a compact countertop solution or a free-standing system, this kiosk is the answer. Its intelligent software ensures that menus and prices are always up to date, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

A Revolution in Payment and Order Management

Transform the way you receive orders and payments with the Samsung kiosk and Clover Flex. This versatile tool accepts a variety of payment methods, making every transaction fast and secure. By allowing customers to take charge of their orders, you reduce waiting time and increase the overall efficiency of your service.


Frequently asked questions about Samsung Kiosk powered by Clover

What kind of support will I receive with a Clover point of sale?

Heritage Paiement offers a variety of support options to meet your needs. New merchants can schedule a phone call with a specialist to guide you through device configuration and activate features for your type of business. All Clover merchants at Heritage Payments have access to 24/7 support by phone at 1 (855) 497-1042 or by e-mail at and can access manuals, instructions and answers to questions at the Help Center.

Will I receive several bills at the end of the month?

No, because the Samsung Kiosk powered by Clover is an all-in-one solution, you’ll receive a single invoice and detailed report at the end of the month, simplifying your company’s accounting. Inventory reports and your web menu will all be in the same place.

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